It is an inevitable fact that things are going to break; especially when it is the most financially inconvenient to do so. Sometimes, repairing an item is impossible, yet other times, it is more practical than replacing the item altogether. Replacement can be a costly undertaking and a significant inconvenience. We are here to help! At The Tub Guys, we can repair things that are often considered a loss.

We can repair:

Cultured marble
Dents and dings in cast iron
Vinyl (including windows and doors)
Here are a few examples.

Huge Hole

Hole in side of bathtub

This gaping hole certainly wouldn't allow this tub to hold water.

Repaired Hole

Repaired hole in side of bathtub

After some hard work by our team, the tub is once again, water-tight. After some cleaning, the tub will be as good as new.

Huge holes aren't the only thing on a tub we can repair. Take a look at these cracks and the completed repairs.

Cracks and Cracks

cracks in side of bathtub

Several cracks in this bathtub made it unusable.

Repaired Cracks

repaired cracks in side of bathtub

Our team came in and repaired the cracks.

Please, feel free to review our gallery for several examples of our work. Within our gallery, you will find images of bathtubs, showers, tile, countertops, and more.